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Providing Holistic Development For The Neediest Communities

During the process of social mobilization, the Organization adopts a participatory, self-help, self-sustainable approach through community involvement and formation of volunteer groups through our community champions in the areas we serve.


Sustainable community development is a dynamic process posing various needs at different phases of time. These can be dealt with continuously in interventions based on designed Frameworks that incorporate the requirements projected by the communities and with the help of the communities by strategizing for public-private partnership.


NOURISH MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL has strong linkages with major NGOs and volunteer sending networks. It has taken special interventions in Bugisu, Butaleja and Busoga through collaboration with Native communities, community groups, Activists and stakeholders. NOURISH MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL enjoys a special and rich experience of working in a diverse socio-cultural environment in Uganda stemming from a natural and extensive networking system with sub counties, Districts, civil society organisations, media and political leadership.


As a growing Indigenous Organisation, NOURISH MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL derives its resources from combined sources, these include:-

  • Grants
  • Gifts and Donations.
  • Value Addition.
  • Project fees, and
  • Project IGAS eg. Timothy  Education centre, Nourish health centres

NOURISH MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL basically works for the poorest of the poor in rural areas in Eastern Uganda. Its target groups include; children and young people in need, women and elderly persons who are still living in miserable conditions and deprived of very basic necessities of life.

For achieving its goal and Objective, the Organization also targets health workers, teachers, agriculturalists, environmentalists, politicians and other community stakeholders.

Give back to the community today! We accept monetary and essential donations, such as clothing and feminine hygiene products.

or call (256)774194213 


The current plans already represent a significantly sized project which has taken a number of years to establish. Since the establishment of the Organization and being operational, we have formed a blue print for establishing similar projects in other communities.

As we learn and develop together, it is expected that we will make mistakes along the way. What is important is that, we have to learn from those experiences and incorporate what we have learnt into providing a continually improving service and blue print for the future.